Czech magazine: Bosra is one of rare historical monuments in Syria and world

Prague, SANA_ A Czech magazine described, in a photo report, the monuments of Bosra city as one of the “rare historical monuments that are located in Syria and as one of the most beautiful and important ones in the world”.

“The first reference to the city of Bosra was mentioned in a clay tablet dating back to the Egyptian Pharaohs in the fourteenth century BC. Bosra was the capital of the Roman area of Arabia Petraria”, the magazine said in its report.

The magazine referred to Bosra Amphitheater and theater, shedding light on the way of preserving it and pointing out that it constitutes the most beautiful building which was reconstructed by the Romans and which was mainly buried under soil until mid-twentieth century.

The theater can accommodate 15,000 spectators, but it is not the only masterpiece in Bosra due to the presence of many other monuments in the city which date back to the Roman and Byzantine eras in addition to the presence of many Arab antiquities, the magazine mentioned.


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