Energy conversion power plant of Daher al-Jabal inaugurated

Sweida, SANA- Under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad, energy conversion power plant of Daher al-Jabal  was inaugurated on Saturday at a cost of SYP 6 billion.

Minister of Electricity, Mohammad Zuhair Kharbotli, told reporters that the 60-megawatt plant has been fully implemented by national cadres and technical experts.

He mentioned that the project contributes to reducing loads on the 66 kV distribution line which feeds Sweida city, providing electricity to the tourist development area in Daher al-Jabal and stabilizing the electrical system in the province to meet the demand for energy.

The Minister pointed out that the completion of the plant coincides with the start of another important project represented in the implementation and rehabilitation of 230 kV line from Sheikh Miskin in Daraa to al-Kom station in Sweida to be added to the current line / Tishreen al-Kom/ which feeds the governorate.

For his part, Head of the ministerial committee charged with following up the implementation of projects in Sweida, Minister of Communications and Technology Iyad al-Khatib said in a similar statement that this project comes within a group of projects that will be inaugurated in the governorate within coming days, including Umm al-Zaytoun mill, Shahba National Hospital and a project of the Ministry of Water Resources, which will positively reflect on the service and economic situation .

Minister al-Khatib said that the Ministry of Communications has re-activated the optical cable linking Daraa and Sweida, so that there is an additional line that contributes to the stability of the communication system in the governorate.



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