Sabbagh: Syria will continue to cooperate with fact-finding mission

The Hague, SANA-Syria has renewed its strong condemnation of using chemical weapons, expressing deep concern over the attempts of some states, on top the US, to continue to accuse Syria and to fabricate lies against it.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh said in a statement on Wednesday during the 92th session of the Executive Council currently held at the Organizations’ headquarters in the Hague “In a time when Syria continues to cooperate with the fact-finding mission and to provide all the required facilitations to it to fulfill its job, it feels sorry for the fact that the mission doesn’t abide by the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the mechanism of its work as it only conducts remote investigations.”

Sabbagh affirmed that the serious concerns expressed by Syria towards the ways of the work of the fact-finding mission, have pushed it to demand to review and update them in order to make its reports professional and credible and unanimously agreed on by the OPCW member states, and in order not to be a reason for their division.

Ambassador Sabbagh noted that Syria has renewed its official demand for sending a fact-finding team to Khan Sheikhoun city and al-Latamina town which have been recently liberated from terrorist groups in order to conduct investigations into the incidents which had previously took place in them with the aim of reaching right conclusions, and not illusionary investigations that have been conducted on the Turkish territories.

Sabbagh denounced the fact that the US administration hasn’t waited for the investigations of the fact -finding mission with regard to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and it came up with conclusions by itself, noting that he is not astonished that this behavior came in parallel with positive changes in Syria whether through the advancement on the field level through defeating terrorists or through the progress in the political process.

Sabbagh added that in this domain, Syria condemns the statements of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the alleged incident on May 19th and his accusation of the Syrian Arab Army, adding that Syria considers that this comes in the framework of the US attempts to hinder the efforts of the Syrian Government to restore security and stability to the country and the US attempts to mislead the public opinion and to find justifications for launching a new aggression on the Syrian territories.

He affirmed that the crimes of the terrorist organizations against the Syrian people including the use of chemical weapons have become known for everyone and the regional and international parties which back them also.

Sabbagh reiterated that Syria finds that what is required now is to focus on the international efforts for facing this real danger and for implementing all the provisions of the convention without politicization and to adopt a decisive stance towards the states which cover the crimes of the terrorist groups to be able to completely combat the chemical terrorist acts.

In his statement, Sabbagh underlined the necessity of the serious work for achieving the internationalism of the convention , affirming that Syria strongly believes that the Middle East should be made a weapons of mass destruction-free zone.

He concluded his statement by affirming that the Syrian Arab Republic which joined the Chemical Weapons Convention in 2013, have adhered to all of its commitments.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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