QSD militias abduct 300 civilians in Hasaka countryside

Hasaka, SANA- US-backed separatist QSD (SDF) militias abducted 300 civilians while storming houses in Ras al-Ain , al-Shadadi cities and Tal Nimr, and Tal Hamis towns in Hasaka countryside to forcibly recruit them.

Local sources in Hasaka said that patrols of QSD militias raided Ras al-Ain , al-Shadadi cities and Tal Nimr, and Tal Hamis towns, and abducted 300 youths to forcibly recruit them.

The kidnapping acts also included children and women where a patrol of QSD militias kidnapped a woman from al-Hamrat area in Raqqa eastern countryside, and took her to unknown destination.

The sources added that QSD militias have also looted government facilities and public properties, the last of which was looting the phone lines in al-Wasitah village in Raqqa northern countryside and the surrounding villages.

A child was killed after being run over by a vehicle for QSD militias in al-Houl Camp, which is controlled by them in Hasaka southeastern countryside, the sources indicated.


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