Cabinet discusses services projects in Aleppo and the restoration of its Old City

Damascus, SANA – The Cabinet’s weekly session on Sunday discussed the state of services and development in Aleppo province.

Chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, the Cabinet was briefed on the state of projects in Aleppo by Water Resources Minister Hussein Arnous, who heads the committee in charge of following up on the implementation of governmental projects in the province.

Arnous said that since the liberation of Aleppo city from terrorism, 1,216 services projects have been accomplished, 3.3 million cubic meters of debris have been cleared, and 15,711 industrial and production facilities have resumed operations.

The Cabinet emphasized the need to continue with the restoration of the Old City in Aleppo and preserving its cultural and historical identity.

The Cabinet approved the Tourism Ministry’s plan for the participation of the tourism sector in national economy, which includes plans up to 2030.

The Cabinet also called for expanding production of dairy products in rural areas and including strategic medical industries in the project for replacing imports.

Hazem Sabbagh

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