13 Syrian teams in the 5th robotics competition to be held in Lebanon

Damascus, SANA_13 Syrian teams will participate in the 5th annual International Robotics competition scheduled to be held Sunday in Lebanon.

165 teams from different states of the world participate in the 8-hour competition which will be held at the Faculty of Science at the Lebanese University.

The Excellence and Creativity Commission said in a statement that this competition is considered the largest in terms of the number of participant Arab teams.

Syria has increased the number of participants age groups from 3 to 5, hoping to draw a new fingerprint for the Syrian robot, which is witnessing a remarkable development and notable activity.

Earlier, 67 teams from Syria and Lebanon competed in the 5-hour 5th National Robotics Competition which was held in Damascus last March 16, in cooperation with the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology and the Lebanese Kalimat Association for Robot Training (E-Robot) .


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