Almost 2 years after liberating Aleppo, a tremendous victory over terrorism, its backers

Aleppo, SANA – The date of 22 October, 2016 will be forever inscribed in the minds and hearts of all Syrians, particularly Aleppo’s residents. Almost 2 years have passed since the announcement of the Aleppo’s full liberation from terrorism which struck the city, spreading chaos and destruction across its roads, neighborhoods and its historic markets in an attempt to obliterate its ancient history and civilization.

The liberation of eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city, thanks to the heroic sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab army, the back-up forces and allies, is a major milestone in Syria’s war against terrorism and a deadly blow on its enemies whose aim is to destabilize the country and undermine its firm and principled stances.

The US, Zionist entity, Turkish regime and the Gulf sheikhdoms’ schemes to divide Syria and prolong the war smashed on the city’s doorsteps, after which the terrorists suffered successive defeats in Homs countryside, Aleppo, Deir Ezzor till the Syrian-Iraqi borders, Damascus Countryside and South Syria.

People of Aleppo put enormous efforts into restoring normal life to their city. The sound of machines roaring in factories signaled the reinvigoration of industrial and economic sectors as well as a significant step towards the resumption of production following more than 3 years of enforced hiatus due to the atrocities perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups.

The significance of this achievement has also been manifested in the joy and happiness it brought to the faces of children who have become able to go ahead with their studies after the removal of war debris and the rehabilitation of schools in order to resume the educational process in the city.

Aleppo Education Directorate, in cooperation with different bodies, was keen to provide rehabilitated schools with their needs of teaching cadres, stationaries, textbooks and other high-tech equipment to ensure appropriate learning environment to students.

R. Raslan/ Gh.A.Hassoun



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