MP Waris al-Younes and another civilian killed in terrorist attack in Hama… People’s Assembly condemns crime

Hama, SANA – Member of the People’s Assembly Waris al-Younes representing the central province of Hama was killed when terrorists opened fire on his car on the road between Hama and al-Salamiya.

A source at Hama Police Command told SANA that terrorists opened fire on al-Younes’ car near Um al-Twaikiye crossroads on Tuesday midnight while he was heading from Hama city to al-Salamiya city.

The source added that the terrorist attack resulted in the killing of another civilian who was driving his car nearby when the attack took place.

A source at al-Salamiya National Hospital said that al-Younes died due to severe bleeding caused by a gunshot that hit the left side of his chest.

Al-Younes was born in al-Sabboura village in the countryside of Hama province in 1969.

People’s Assembly condemns the crime 

Meanwhile, People’s Assembly condemned the assassination of MP Waris al-Younes, affirming that this crime “will not affect members of the parliament to continue work, assume national duty and protect the Syrian people.”

In a statement, the Assembly described the assassination act as “heinous” which aims at terrifying Syria’s honest people who asserted to defend their homeland.

“We tell those who were behind this crime that your terrorism will not intimidate us, but it will increase our commitment to confront takfiri mentality along with the Syrian Arab Army,” the statement added.


Rasha Raslan / Hazem Sabbagh/ Mazen

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