Soussan: Syrian state bent on liberating entire Syrian soil

Damascus, SANA-Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Ayman Soussan said the Syrian state is bent on liberating the entire Syrian soil from terrorism whether through reconciliations or military action.

Soussan’s comments came in reply to journalists’ questions during a farewell ceremony in honor of the outgoing Russian ambassador in Damascus Alexander Kinshchak at the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus.

Liberating the entire Syrian soil from the scourge of terrorism is a stated goal for the Syrian state, be it through reconciliations which spare blood or the military action in case some are still having any lingering illusions about the viability of the terrorist project, the Syrian diplomat affirmed.

Commenting on the policies of the Turkish regime, Soussan said that observers of the Turkish policies since the beginning of the crisis in Syria have come to the conclusion that everything Turkey has been doing is intended to save face and conceal its fiasco, considering that any Turkish expansionist attempt inside Syria will have dire consequences on Turkey.

He reaffirmed that Syria will defend all of its territories.


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