1000 trees to be planted on Damascus International Airport Road

Damascus countryside, SANA-A national campaign to plant 1000 trees at a site covering an area of 10 hectares on Damascus International Airport road was organized on Friday, marking the National Environment Day.

Over 4000 students from the National Union of Syrian Students, the Revolutionary Youth Union and al-Baath Vanguards Organization and a number of voluntary teams took part in the campaign which seeks to spread a culture of cooperation about environment protection.

Director of Damascus and Damascus Countryside Agriculture Department Ali Saadat told SANA that the directorate is working intensively to increase the green spaces and expand planted areas in an attempt to restore glamour and beauty to the international road which is considered as Damascus gate.

He explained that the afforestation campaigns will continue as part of a plan that begins on the National Environment Day and ends on the National Tree Day to plant an area of 380 hectares in Damascus and its countryside with about 400 thousand trees in different locations.


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