Increasing number of aid packages delivered to families in Damascus, Aleppo

Damascus, SANA- the Arab Palestinian Refugees’ General Commission and the UNRWA distributed Thursday more humanitarian aid to the citizens besieged by the armed terrorist organizations in Yarmouk Camp.

The move was sponsored by the Syrian government and under the supervision of the Higher Relief Committee.

The Commission’s Director, Ali Mustafa said that 150 food packages were distributed in Rama Street in Yarmouk Camp, which increases the number of
food packages distributed since 30 January until today into 50894 food baskets and 6949 health requirement packages.

He pointed out that the medical point affiliated to (UNRWA) continues offering medical services to the patients there.

Meanwhile, Aleppo governorate, in cooperation with UNRWA delivered a convoy of humanitarian aid to the citizens of Old Aleppo city.

Director of the Social Affairs in the province, Rabi’a Tamer said that the convoy consists of 12 trucks loaded with 6 thousands mattresses, 10 thousand blankets, 2 thousand health packages, 2 thousand utensils packages, 2 thousand tents and other basic materials.

He pointed out that this convoy comes in the framework of efforts exerted by the government to meet the citizens’ needs.


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