Shoygu: terrorists’ plans in Syria failed; circumstances are suitable for reconstruction

Moscow, SANA – Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said that the terrorists’ plans in Syria have failed, and the circumstances have become appropriate for the reconstruction process.

Today a major part of the country’s territory has been liberated from militants, and talks are underway with other terrorists on laying down arms, Shoygu said opening the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Defense Ministers’ Council’s meeting.

He added that the plans of setting up a pseudo-caliphate have been frustrated, and all conditions have been created for a political settlement and Syria’s resurgence as one and undivided state.

The Defense Minister pointed out that the issues of the political settlement, providing humanitarian assistance, and the reconstruction of the infrastructure gain top priority in Syria.

Shoygu expressed his country’s hope that the CIS will take part in restoring peaceful life in Syria, adding “We expect to have your support, which would show our unity in the war on global terror and ensuring common security.”

He said that there are broad prospects for practical cooperation on Syria among the CIS, such as clearing the landmines left by terrorists, joint observation in the de-escalation zones, providing humanitarian assistance, and restoring the infrastructure.

H. Zain/ Hazem Sabbagh

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