Russia calls on the U.S. to acquire Syrian government’s approval before attacking terrorists’ sites in Syria

Moscow, SANA – The Russian Foreign Ministry called on the United States to acquire approval from the Syrian government before directing air strikes against terrorists in Syria, not just inform the government.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Ministry said that targeting ISIS sites in Syria must be carried out according to international law, which requires the Syrian government’s approval or a Security Council resolution.

The statement warned against carrying out unilateral military scenarios, saying that those who do so assume full responsibility for their repercussions, adding that combating terrorism requires coordinating the entire international community’s efforts under UN leadership.

Russia warns that Israel shooting down Syrian warplane exasperates situation in the region

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned against the repercussion of Israel’s shooting down of a Syrian warplane on Tuesday, voicing concern over this act as it exasperates the tense situation in the region.

In a statement, the Ministry said that there’s no need to open a new front for conflict at a time when terrorism is targeting the Middle East, stressing the need to unite efforts to face this threat.

The Ministry voiced Russia’s concern over the incident, calling for the utmost degree of self-restraint.

Hazem Sabbagh

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