Al-Nakba Day…A painful wound that never ceases from bleeding

Damascus, SANA – On this day, the Palestinian people lament 70 years of Israeli entity’s oppressive policies and inhumane practices including forced displacement, dispossession and demolition of homes and lands which sparked in 1948 and continue till this day.

The suffering of Palestinians is a story that has no end as the notorious Zionist killing machine continues to murder Palestinians, destroy their properties, obliterate their identity and deprive them of their legitimate rights amid international silence and implicit acceptance of Gulf regimes which has been turned into an outright collusion in terms of the increasing deals signed between these regimes and the Israeli entity.

Al-Nakba  (Catastrophe) Day dates back to the late of 19th century as pressure has grown to realize the Zionist plan of creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

The occasion brings to mind memories of thousands of Palestinians who were martyred in massacres and systematic killing operations carried out by the Israeli occupation, not to mention massacres of Deir Yassin, Safad, Qbiyeh and al-Tantoura as well as other atrocities committed by the Zionist gangs many years before that date amid total media blackout and international ignorance.

More than 800,000 Palestinians have been displaced and over 70 massacres have been committed causing the martyrdom of more than 15,000 Palestinians after which the Israeli entity, covered up by the United Nations, usurped the Palestinian territories.

This year, al-Nakba Day coincides with the continued activities of the “Great March of Return” which began on March 30th and the transfer of the U.S. Embassy to al-Quds in implementation of the US President Donald Trump’s decision in December 2017.

Higher National Commission of Great March of Return and Breaking of Gaza Siege calls upon all Palestinian people to make this occasion a historic day and gather in mass demonstrations near the border fence with Israeli entity, east of Gaza, the West Bank and Bab al-A’moud Square in the occupied al-Quds.

R. Raslan/ Ghossoun

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