On Martyrs’ Day… Syrian martyrs have written history with glory and honor

Damascus, SANA- Throughout the years, Martyrs’ Day in Syria has grown more significance as it pays tribute to those brave men who have written the country’s history with glory and honor and never hesitated to sacrifice their souls to defend the homeland and ensure better future for their people.

On May 6th, Syria commemorates the memory of the Syrian and Lebanese nationalists executed by the Commander of the Ottoman occupation Jamal Pasha, in Beirut and Damascus in 1916.

Syria’s martyrs have given the world a lesson in strength, heroism, sacrifice, courage, tolerance and patience, and a noble example of loyalty and patriotism.

Nowadays, The Syrian people celebrate Martyrs’ Day with joy and pride in the victories and achievements made by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism and western states which support them.

This day also pays tribute to the families of martyrs who have sacrificed their beloved sons to maintain the country’s steadfastness and defend its sovereignty in the face of enemies.

The Syrians, on this occasion, recall the great values of martyrdom and the heroic sacrifices of the army and armed forces, and stress their support and standing by the Syrian soldiers till final victory and full eradication of terrorism.

Shaza/ Rasha Raslan

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