Twin brothers fight terrorism together: We are two souls in one body

Damascus, SANA – Noor and Jawad signed up to fight as volunteers with the Syrian Arab Army.

For three years, the twin, 22, fought side by side within the same military formation and the same storming unit on one of the southern burning battlefronts in the vicinity of Al-Hajar al-Aswad in Damascus.

SANA’s correspondent met with Noor who positioned in the last terrorist stronghold of Daesh (ISIS). Noor considered the battle easier than he expected, and his only concern was his twin brother.

He said that they fought one battle after another and both of them experienced the feeling of anxiety and fear towards each other.

The young soldier, Noor, felt reassured and confident due to the rapid setbacks of ISIS terrorists, but he felt more reassured and confident during the last storming operation because his brother Jawad was in a sick leave.

“He (Jawad) is fighting besides me in the same group and I am always worried about him. He is a hasty.”

In al-Rayhan farms’ battle in the surroundings of Douma, Noor and Jawad were fighting the remnants of Jaish al-Islam. Noor went to say that after two hours of airstrikes against the terrorists’ bastions, my name was in the breakthrough list, I remember how my brother rushed into the officer, “Please remove the name of Noor. He will stay and I will go in his stead.”

Noor smiled and said, “When the hour of the attack came, we were ordered to break into the target area. I did not wake up Jawad. I left the place quietly and quickly.

We did so, not because of the fear of the fight, but because of our brotherhood feeling that we have for each other.

We are two souls in one body and we have the same personality traits too.”

The twin has another brother fighting on another front. “Luckily, our third brother fights with another military formation and on another front,” Noor who did not lose his sense of humor said, “We should form our own fighting group.”

Another chapter of their story ended or began with the voice of the officer calling out, “Storming Unit, be prepared.”

Emma / Mazen

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