Dream of return comes true, nearly 500 displaced persons return home from Lebanon

Damascus Countryside, SANA- At Jdeidet Yabous crossing on the Syrian-Lebanese border, hundreds of displaced Syrians returning home with eyes watching from the windows of buses the moment of arrival that makes their dream of return comes true after they have been forcibly displaced by terrorist organizations.

On Wednesday night, nearly 500 displaced persons returned to their homes in Beit Jinn village and its farm in Damascus Countryside via Jdeidet Yabous crossing on the Syrian-Lebanese borders.

Some of the returned people described as “the day of Eid and the return of joy and life” the moment they crossed the borders coming back to Syria amid facilitations and procedures provided to them by the competent authorities since their departure from Lebanese Shebaa until they arrived in the homeland.

They expressed pride over the victories achieved by the Syrian army over terrorism to secure their return to their homes.

Last January 13, more than 500 displaced families returned home in the village of Beit Jinn and its farms in the southwestern countryside of Damascus countryside after the army, in cooperation with the backup forces, restored full security and stability to the area.

H. Zain/Ghossoun

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