On the occasion of Independence Day, Syrians following footsteps of ancestors

Damascus, SANA- Seventy-two years ago, the Syrians managed to achieve independence and expel the French occupier from their country. Today they are following in the footsteps of their ancestors. They are facing an aggression similar to that of the colonial West represented by terrorism. They are confident in completing what the ancestors achieved and fortifying independence after eliminating the last terrorist on the homeland.

The Syrian people have fought for more than 25 years and have made great sacrifices on the way to salvation from the occupation and its attempts to fragment the nation.

The struggle of the Syrian people against the occupier is embodied through the national revolutions led by honorable fighters in all Syrian areas.

Commemorating the National Day (Syrian Independence Day, which marks the evacuation of French occupation forces from the country in 1946), the Syrians are now rewriting history and fighting the battle of honor and dignity against the colonists in their new form of terrorist gangs that run their terrorist operations on behalf of the United States, the Israeli entity and the colonial West.

As the will of the Syrian people was the strongest in the battles of honor to gain independence in 1946, today the Syrians along with the Syrian Arab Army continue their battle against the terrorist organizations.

Syria is resistant to the enemies and all the projects of fragmentation and that it is able to withstand and win as it also ready to thwart the plots of the Zionist entity, the US and other Western colonial countries to move Syria towards a decisive victory over the new colonists and their terrorist tools and achieve the greater victory by defeating another terrorist from the homeland.


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