Syria: US, British, French aggression breaches int’l laws, ignites tensions and threatens int’l peace and security

Damascus, SANA – Syria called on the International community and the UN Security Council to strongly condemn the brutal US, British, French aggression which can only lead to further ignite tensions and pose threat to the international peace and security.

“At 03:55 am (at local time) the US, Britain and France launched a ferocious aggression on Syria through firing 110 missiles towards Syrian targets in Damascus and other Syrian cities and areas, the majority of which were shot downed by the Syrian air defense systems,” the Ministry of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs said in two letters sent Saturday to the UN Secretary-General and Chief of the UN Security Council on the gross violation of International Law and the UN’s Charter committed by the US, Britain and France.

“Some of the missiles hit one of the buildings of the Research Center in Barzeh in Damascus, which includes an educational center and scientific laboratories, causing material damage only while other missiles targeted a military position near Homs were forced to deviate from their tracks, meantime their explosions resulted in the injury of 3 civilians,” added the Ministry.

The Ministry stressed that Syria condemns with the strongest terms the triple US, British, French aggression which shows again the recklessness of the hostile countries with the international legitimacy and their approach which bases on the law of jungle and the logic of force, meanwhile they are member states in the UN agency assigned with maintaining international peace and security and deterring aggressions.

It affirmed that the aggression of western arrogance and hegemony regimes came as a result of the feeling with frustration due to the failure of the conspiratorial project and in response to the defeat of their tools of the terrorist organizations in front of the progress achieved by the Syrian Arab Army.

The timing of the aggression, which coincides with the arrival of a fact-finding team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to investigate the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma upon the Syrian state’s request, mainly aims at impeding the work of the mission, anticipating its results and to put pressure on it in an attempt to cover up their lies and fabrications.

The Ministry reiterated that the brutal barbaric aggression, which was met by the high spirit of the Syrian people who took to streets and squares in condemnation of this attack, will not affect the determination and will of the Syrian people and the armed forces to continue pursuing the remnants of Takfiri terrorism throughout the Syrian territory till complete eradication, defending Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and restoring its security and stability.

Later, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement to SANA that it isn’t surprising that the Saudi regime would support the tripartite aggression on Syria, particularly after the defeat of its pet terrorist organization “Jaish al-Islam.”

The source said that the role of the Al Saud rulers keeps up with the Wahabi regime’s role throughout history which is to be a tool in the hands of the nation’s enemies and to spread and promote defeatism, submissiveness, and normalization with the Israeli enemy, as well as distorting the true nature of Islam via the malignant Wahabi ideology.

The source went on to say that as far as Bahrain – which also supported the tripartite aggression – is concerned, it is not worth a response, as it has its own internal problems that are a cause for disgrace.

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