Wide Syrian participation in Moscow Exhibition for food Products

Moscow, SANA – International Exhibition for Food Products was inaugurated Monday in Moscow under the motto of “How should the Russian food market work.”

More than 1600 industrial, food and agriculture companies from 73 countries participate in the exhibition, including Syrian companies.

The exhibition aims at searching for new industrial, food and agriculture sources instead of the material which were imported from Europe.


The Russian import volume of the food materials is more than 45 Billion USD.

Director of  Business Development department at al-Hamowi Coffee Company, Bassel al-Fayoumi said that the company displays deferent coffee products of the Turkish, Italian and American Coffee tastes.

He pointed out that the Syrian government has offered all facilities to al-Hamowi Company to participate in the exhibition, hoping the Syrian goods would find their ways to the Russian markets.


Other representatives of the Syrian Companies described the exhibition as a gold chance in light of the strategic relations connecting Syria and Russia.

B. Mousa/ Mazen

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