1043 gunmen from Daraa, 18 from Idleb, 32 from Quneitra have their legal status settled

Daraa, SANA –1043 wanted people from the southern province of Daraa of those who got involved in the recent events in the country or who haven’t joined the military service had their legal status settled.

The authorities settled the status of those wanted persons after they pledged not to commit any act that might harm the security of the homeland or citizens.

Syria’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun affirmed that the Amnesty decrees pave the way for anyone who misled the correct way to return to the Homeland’s lap which has space for all its citizens.


He said the reconciliation process today in Daraa is a clear message to those who wanted the city to become a fire that burns Syria, but it turned into a light.

Daraa governor Mohammad Khaled al-Hanous, for his part, hailed the efforts exerted to activate this reconciliation process and settle the cases of the wanted persons, revealing during the coming days, another settlement process will be done for other numbers of wanted people.

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Meanwhile, eleven wanted persons in Damascus and its countryside; Hama and Daraa turned themselves in to the authorities to have their cases settled.

The legal status of 18 gunmen from Idleb and 32 gunmen from Quneitra were settled after they pledged not to take part in any act that could undermine the security and stability of the homeland.

Head of Sub-committee of National Reconciliation in Quneitra Mamoun Jareida, said that number of persons who surrendered themselves to authorities and had their legal status settled in the province reached 980.

Mohammad Nassr / Hazem Sabbagh/ Mazen

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