Premier: Government priority is restoring security, fighting corruption, reconciliation and reconstruction

Damascus, SANA – Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi said that the priorities of the new government are restoring security and stability to all of Syria through combating terrorism and carrying out reconstruction work and comprehensive development.

In an interview given to the Syrian TV on Sunday evening, Premier al-Halaqi said that the government will also work on improving living standards for citizens, securing their needs, preventing monopolies, and ensuring the flow of merchandize to local markets in appropriate prices.

Al-Halaqi stressed that the government will continue the measures of carrying out national reconciliation and will work on spreading it to new areas, adding that reconciliation requires the cooperation of all sides, popular, official, civil, and religious, to ensure its continuity as a preface to carry out reconstruction in the areas which witness successful reconciliations.

He stressed the importance of dealing with the issue of displaced people, and continuing the support of aid and relief work, in addition to providing makeshift housing centers in all areas and compensating for the damages caused to private properties.

“The government will work on supporting the public sector in addition to the agricultural and industrial sectors and micro and medium projects,” he said, adding that “fighting corruption, continuing administrative reform, and enhancing the principle of administrative decentralization will also be top priorities for the government.”

He highlighted that the issues of martyrs and injured army personnel and providing decent lives for their relatives will be a top priority for the government, as those individuals have sacrificed their lives to preserve the unity, sovereignty, and independence of Syria, adding that the files of missing and abducted persons will also be tackled.

Al-Halaqi affirmed that the government is committed to the policy of social subsidizing, while ensuring the state’s ability to maintain it by reducing the amount of subsidies and employing the funds in investment programs that will benefit the poorest segments of society.

Premier al-Halaqi said the water crisis is caused mainly by the recent draught and low precipitation rates as well as the attacks of terrorists against infrastructure facilities including the electric power sector which affects pumping stations, adding that another cause is that terrorists have seized control over some water resources.

He said the government has taken additional measures to tackle the water crisis through digging new wells and buying diesel-operated water pumps.

He said the attacks on electric power facilities resulted in increasing the rationing hours, stressing that the security situation is improving despite the unlimited support provided to terrorists by many countries and sides.

He stressed that the Syrian Arab Army is carrying out its duties and achieving victories against terrorism in lots of areas, aided by honest locals.

Mohammad Nassr / Hazem Sabbagh

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