Cabinet discusses draft decree on raising hourly wages for teachers

Damascus, SANA –In its weekly session on Tuesday headed by Prime Minister Imad Khamees, the Cabinet discussed a draft decree on raising the wages for extra hours for teachers in basic education and high schools.

The Cabinet emphasized the importance rallying governmental institutions, organizations, public associations, and the media to reduce the waste of electricity.

The Minister of Electricity Mohammad Zuhair Kharbotly presented a review on his recent visit to Iran regarding the meetings about activating previous agreement and signing the protocol of triple electricity grid linking among Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

The Cabinet also discussed a bill on specifying the domains and duties of the Ministry of Administrative Development and approved the working plan of the Ministry of Justice.

It also tasked the Ministries of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Local Administration, and Water Resources with putting a vision to strengthen the role of governmental service institution in the Eastern Ghouta part of Damascus countryside and developing the agricultural situation.

The Cabinet discussed the work of the management of public companies and institutions and called upon the concerned sides to conduct an assessment of their work and set a developmental vision for them, in addition to taking a decision on conducting an assessment of the work of economic companies working in the service sector.

Maya Dayoub/Hazem Sabbagh

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