After three years of suffering, child regains lost senses

Damascus, SANA – Following a successful surgery conducted at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) Hospital in Damascus, six-year old Ahmad is now able to see in his both eyes as he regained the sense of smell and the ability to breathe through his nose.

Ahmad, who is infected with multiple fibrous tumors that were keeping his eyes and nose shut, arrived to the SARC’s hospital about two weeks ago.

“We are residents of Raqqa, and the situation began with my son almost three years ago, and it was difficult to get the appropriate medical treatment because of the terror of Daesh (ISIS). We moved to Lebanon, but the high costs of treatment were beyond our means, So we returned to Damascus,” Ahmad’s mother told SANA.

Plastic surgeon and microsurgery specialist Dr. Tarek Haj Mohamed, who carried out the surgery along with a medical team, said that Ahmad’s case is one of twenty similar cases in the world, in which tumors can appear anywhere in the body, adding that the danger of this illness lies in the possibility of tumors appearing in vital and sensitive areas.

He affirmed that the surgery was a success despite it being difficult due to one of the tumors having spread to the orbit of the eye, and Ahmad can now breathe through his nostrils and see clearly, adding that Ahmad’s case was documented and it will be presented in local and possibly international conferences due to its rarity.

Dr. Haj Mohammed pointed out that there is no cure for this rare medical condition, but there are procedures that can improve his quality of life, indicating that the rapid medical development may found a cure in the future.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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