Ambassador Ala: Reports of International Commission of Inquiry on Syria indicate its lack of authority or jurisdiction

Geneva, SANA-Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala, affirmed that the reports of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria indicate its lack of authority through granting itself the right to politically launch accusations rather than giving legal analysis, pointing out that adopting reports of suspicious sides means that the Commission has abandoned its credibility.

Ambassador Ala, added at a session held on Monday by the Human Rights Council on the status in Syria, that the Commission’s dependence on testimonies and interviews with unknown persons, away from the sites of events, and its adoption of reports for suspicious parties and countries hostile to the Syrian government confirm that its work has no reliability and that it has abandoned its credibility of fulfilling the standards for verifying facts and allegations.

“I recall here what we have raised in the past about the meetings of the Commission’s staff in Turkey with political bodies that are hostile to the Syrian state in the framework of its investigations,” Ala said.

“The Syrian Arab Republic has consistently warned of the consequences of that biased and selective context and the consequences of the continued use of the mechanisms of the Human Rights Council to control the course and results of the investigations and to direct them for the benefit of their political agendas and to distort the results of Geneva and Astana meetings and on the field achievements in combating terrorism and efforts of national reconciliation,” Ala stressed.

He went on to say that in this framework, Syria rejects the accusations of the report, including the allegations of forced displacement from the areas targeted by the national reconciliation where residents remained in those areas and only the gunmen who refused to settle their situation have left.

Ala pointed out that the UN reports affirm, contrary to the Committee’s allegations, the return of more than 700,000 residents to their areas after liberation or after the completing reconciliation processes there.

Ala said that the commission reports are full of contradictions and double standards as the Commission does not find any justification, for example, to demand the protection of civilians in Raqqa from the US-led coalition air strikes, the establishment of corridors or humanitarian truces.

He added that the Commission didn’t hesitate to hold the Syrian government responsible for the alleged Khan Sheikhoun accident although it lacks the authority.

Ambassador Ala said that the Syrian government has addressed an official letter to Chairman of the Human Rights’ Council in which it denied those accusations and it condemned any use of chemical weapons.

He added that Syria provides the UN and the Human rights Council with information and reports and periodical statistics on the heinous violations perpetrated by the terrorist organizations.


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