Lavrentiev: Fixing de-escalations areas in Syria would lead to stability

Moscow, SANA – The Russian President’s Special Envoy on Syria Alexander Lavrentiev expressed his country’s hope that the cessation of hostilities system would be of a sustainable feature in Syria along with establishing de-escalation areas there.

In an interview with Rossiya 24 channel on Saturday, Lavrentiev said that Moscow hopes that the ceasefire regime in Syria will become impossible to reverse and that fixing the de-escalation areas would lead to stabilizing those areas.

The head of the Russian delegation to Astana talks stressed that Moscow seeks to eradicate the international terrorism, pointing out that Russia does not have strategic goals to consolidate its existence in the area while the main goal is to combat the international terrorism, which threatens the national Russian interests, particularly that big numbers of the terrorists fighting in Syria come from Russia or states of the former Soviet Union.

“They are dangerous and threaten Russia’s national security and that is why they should be confronted,” he clarified.


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