Russian Defense Ministry: Syrian army regains 1000 KM2 in al-Badyah during one week

Moscow, SANA-Russian defense Ministry affirmed on Friday that the Syrian army, backed by the Russian air force, has regained more than 1000 KM2 in Syrian al-Badyah during one-week of military operations.

Commander of the Russian armed forces in Syria Sergey Surovikin said that the Syrian army has restored an area of 1.1 km2, adding that a full group of ISIS has been eliminated after it was besieged to the east of Athrya town in Hama eastern countryside.

He went on to say that the Syrian Army, supported by the Russian air force, is currently besieging another group of the terrorists to the west-north side of al-Sukhnah in Homs eastern countryside which was recently liberated from terrorists by the Syrian army.

The Russian officer added that the advance for lifting the siege on Deir Ezzor is going ahead from three sides as the Syrian army is facing ISIS terrorists from Raqqa and Mosul.



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