Khamis calls on Hama city council to undertake initiatives and active steps to address issues that benefit citizens

Hama, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis, accompanied by a ministerial delegation, met on Monday the new Hama city council, along with heads of city and town councils and municipalities and People’s Assembly members from the province.

During the meeting, Premier Khamis called for relying on available resources to achieve economic and social development and devising programs and plans to improve the state of economy and services, stressing the need for officials working in the public service field to undertake initiatives and take active steps to address issues that benefit citizens.

Khamis focused on increasing care and support for families of martyrs and wounded people, addressing the security situation in the province and the acts of abduction and extortion committed in some areas, affirming that strict measures will be taken to curb them.

He said that Hama province will be given open credit to meet the needs of development and services in it according to a gradual plan set by the authorities in the province.

Attendees raised issues related to health, sanitations, housing, legislations for investment and development, securing the return of displaced people to their homes, agricultural investment, and transport.

Hazem Sabbagh

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