115 militants and some of their families leave al-Waer neighborhood in Homs

Homs, SANA- A new batch of militants and some of their family members who reject the reconciliation agreement in al-Waer neighborhood on Monday started to leave the neighborhood in a step towards ending all the armed manifestations in it and restoring the state institutions to the neighborhood.

SANA’s reporter in Homs said that 16 buses transporting 115 militants and 475 of their family members have left al-Waer and headed to Jarablos, adding that the process of evacuating them is proceeding according to schedule.

Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi said that the evacuation process is proceeding successfully without obstacles under the supervision of Syrian internal security forces, the Russian military police, and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).

Al-Barazi said that as of May 13th, the neighborhood should be clear of weapons and militants, and repair teams will enter it to begin maintenance work to electricity, communications, and water services.

He also pointed out that more than 700 people resolved their legal status as per the amnesty decree issued in 2016, with 544 of them receiving approval and a cessation of wanted status, allowing them to return to their normal lives, and the rest of the requests are being processed.

The Governor said that authorities in Homs are providing all sorts of support, healthcare, and food in addition to vaccine, and that it calls on locals of al-Waer to benefit from the amnesty decrees and stay in it.

In turn, Homs Police Command Chief lt. Gen. Khaled Hilal said that security forces are ready to enter al-Waer after the militants leave and restore security to it and enforce the rule of law there to end the chaos spread by the terrorists there.

Last Monday and Tuesday, 519 militants and some of their family members left al-Waer neighborhood heading for the northeastern countryside of Aleppo.

R.J/ Ghossoun / Hazem Sabbagh

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