Updated-936 gunmen and some of their families leave al-Waer

Homs, SANA- The third batch of gunmen and some of their families who rejected to join the reconciliation agreement left al-Waer neighborhood on Saturday in a step towards evacuating the neighborhood of gunmen and arms and to return all the governmental institutions to it.

SANA reporter in Homs said that 50 buses carrying 836 gunmen and some of their families on board left al-Waer neighborhood heading for Idleb countryside in implementation of the reconciliation agreement, indicating that the evacuation process will continue till completing the third batch.

Homs Governor Talal Barazi told SANA that the agreement of al-Waer neighborhood basically aims at restoring security and stability to the neighborhood and the return of the displaced families to the neighborhood.

Barazi indicated that some of the displaced families have started to return to the neighborhood and that the Education Directorate has opened 4 schools to receive the students who have returned to the neighborhood.

The Governor called upon the locals of al-Waer neighborhood and the gunmen to stay in the neighborhood and to settle their legal status benefiting from the amnesty decree, saying that the number of those who settled their status has reached 700 persons over the past two weeks.

Al-Barazi highlighted that even the militants and their families who already left the neighborhood within the first two groups can go back if they are willing to do so, as the governorate is ready to welcome all those who want to get back on the right track.

He noted that seven militants with their families who left within the second group to al-Dar al-Kabira area had already returned to al-Waer and had their legal status settled.

He said the positive atmosphere witnessed in al-Waer neighborhood over the past few weeks and the fact that those who reach the arrival point at Jarabulus receive bad treatment will further encourage people to stay in the neighborhood under the umbrella of the state.

Last Monday, more than 500 gunmen and some of their families who rejected the reconciliation agreement left al-Waer neighborhood while the legal status of hundreds was settled according to the amnesty decree no./15/ for the year 2016.

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