People’s Assembly discusses performance of Finance Ministry… Hamdan: No new taxes on citizens

Damascus, SANA – People’s Assembly discussed on Sunday during its 6th session for the third ordinary round of the 2nd legislative term, headed by Speaker Hadiyeh Abbas, the performance of the Ministry of Finance.

Members of the Assembly stressed the need for combating corruption and regulating the work of patrols step up by customs and punishing those who violate laws and legislations.

The importance of activating profitable investments which need no high cost infrastructure like media and cinema industry and setting up tax and financial laws to supply the treasury were also discussed.

In response to the MPs’ questions, Minister of Finance Ma’amoun Hamdan stressed that there is no intention to impose new taxes on citizens, stressing the importance of differentiating between tax and fees that are imposed for providing certain services like airport departure and car-buying fees.

On combating corruption, Hamdan said that Syria is based on state institutions, adding that there is no institutional corruption, rather there are corrupt individuals and we have to eliminate this phenomenon.

As for the customs patrols, the minister underlined the importance of these patrols in monitoring the vehicles, trucks and stores in order to ensure that no smuggled materials will enter the local markets.



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